Legal Online Sports Betting in Wyoming

As one of only seven states in the U.S. with legalized sports betting, Wyomingites now have the opportunity to place their bets on football, basketball, baseball and hockey. However, some see this as an attempt by the state to grab more money from residents rather than spending it on better programs and services for their citizens. Others say it’s a matter of business for the people of Wyoming. There are many things that make sports betting in Wyoming uniquely different from betting elsewhere.

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One of the things that sets Wyoming sports betting apart from other states is that it has implemented a legislative measure, House Bill 2040, which institutes a mandatory waiting period before professional sports bettors can place their bets with guaranteed winning lines. Currently, professional gamblers have until noon of the third day after the opening game to place their bets with the bookmakers in order to become licensed gamblers in the state of Wyoming. The waiting period would then extend to twenty-five days after the final game of the World Series of Poker. If there is a change in the playing team’s schedule, it is to be announced fourteen days prior to the scheduled game.

Because of the waiting period mandated by House Bill 2040, many gamblers who are interested in earning extra money will simply move to another jurisdiction with more relaxed gambling laws. If you are a resident of another state, it might be hard to get your gambling tickets approved in wyoming, even if you have the required financial resources. Fortunately, the recently passed Gaming Commission of Wyoming has made some changes to the way licensing is granted.

Most notably, the new law provides additional opportunities to online gamblers in Wyoming. Although online gaming is still not completely legalized in the state, it is now considered legal and regulated by tribal casinos. This means that tribal casinos are allowed to offer online betting and casino services to their customers. The gaming commission has also stated that it will no longer discriminate between live and online gambling, as it is doing now.

In addition to online betting, the new law also includes an expansion of the Wyoming gaming code that allows sports books to accept electronic bets through credit cards. Online sports betting is already a very lucrative business in the state, which explains why the Wyoming gaming commission felt it necessary to allow credit cards for this service. Previously, only banks and debit cards were accepted. According to the new code, all online betting must be done through credit cards or electronic transfers. The commission hopes that this measure will reduce fraud and increase security for the public. As long as the transactions are transparent, the state will be able to monitor its transactions and prevent corruption within the institution.

Although the Wyoming gaming code has gone beyond just opening the doors for legal sports betting, the main thrust of the new laws has been directed toward the online gaming industry. According to the code, online gaming is not allowed to provide any player or viewer with a payment, in case he or she does not have a credit card or a registered account. However, Wyoming still allows poker rooms and other live casino gaming to operate, as long as the operation is not limited by the new law.

The decision to open the doors for legal sports betting was not entirely spur of the moment. The state of Wyoming has long opposed allowing online sports betting, due to fears that it would take away from the revenue generated by the casinos. However, in the past two months or so, as more offshore sites have come into the state, it has become apparent to the Wyoming gaming commission that the people of the state will not have any problem supporting online gambling. They simply need a way to regulate these offshore sites, as they have not established themselves in the state.

As soon as a casino starts operating in a different state, the gaming laws of that state need to be adapted to allow that casino to operate. Unfortunately, Wyoming’s gaming commission is in the unique position of having no way of regulating these offshore gambling sites, since they are not legal in the state. The future of wagering on sports might lie in the ability of these sites to establish themselves in another state. If they do, there may be a future for legal online sports betting in Wyoming.

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